Matthew C. Hart

Purina - Dr. Arleigh Rynolds, Alaska

Purina - Dr. Arleigh Rynolds, Alaska


Purina - Dr. Arleigh Rynolds, Alaska

Arleigh Reynolds is a world-champion dog musher who has noticed a social decline in Alaska’s rural villages. He believes that the absence of working sled dogs in rural communities has contributed to an increase in teen substance abuse and teen suicide.

As a result, he is committed to re-introducing dog sledding into native villages and restoring a big part of native Alaskan culture.

It’s a 10-minute piece, happens in a part of Alaska where roads don’t go, and features a lot of happy dogs.

Director: Ben Nabors

Cinematographer: Todd Banhazl

Editor: Matthew C Hart

Composers: Danny and Saunder

Archive: Alaska Film Archives